Maurizio Lai

Studio Lai

Maurizio Lai is the original interpreter of a contemporary aesthetic that places light at its core. An architect and designer, he studied in Venice and graduated in Milan. At the beginning of his career, he designed for television and fashion, eventually branching out into the commercial and hospitality sectors.

Maurizio Lai works on exclusive projects on an international scale and collaborates with a network of experienced producers, following the principles of Design Excellence. His work appears in the most authoritative publications on Architecture and Design. He collaborates with Politecnico di Milano, SPD, and IULM.


Giulia e Elena Sella


Due designers sorelle, gemelle, cofondatrici di Postology, una Retail&Brand Experience Agency, che punta sulla fusione tra mondi fisici e digitali. Nell’ambito del proprio lavoro Giulia ed Elena seguono con attenzione tutte le fasi del progetto del cliente per soddisfarne a pieno le esigenze, interpretandone sogni e idee.

Professionalità e passione guida le due designers a non lasciare nulla al caso, dalla ideazione alla realizzazione, inclusa la comunicazione del progetto stesso.


Jacopo Avenoso

Startup Architettura

Laureato con lode presso il Politecnico di Genova, nella tesi di laurea approfondisce i temi dell’Urbanistica del Paesaggio delle aree dismesse. La passione per l’architettura lo pervade dopo un viaggio in Sud America (2003), affascinato dall’operato di maestri dell’architettura brasiliana.

La scala della città e il dettaglio architettonico sono i temi sensibili cui Jacopo Avenoso dedica anche il dottorato di ricerca in Urban Design presso l’Università di Genova, (2011). Insieme al collega, e compagno di vita, è titolare dello studio di architettura Startup Architettura, a Pavia e Genova.


Chiara Caberlon


They develop new tailor-made hospitality concepts in the hospitality sector for the CaberlonCarppi Italian Architects group. Chiara Caberlon and her team are always in search of new inspirations, placing architectural design at the center.

Whether it's a historic hotel or a business hotel, a resort or a boutique hotel, the purpose of the group of architects is to reveal its identity, with the belief that studying the location well can help to fully understand the genius loci of each structure, to capture its essence, and then transfer it to the project.


Massimo Iosa Ghini

Iosa Ghini Associati

Graduated from the Polytechnic University of Milan, he is the founder of the Bolidismo group and is also a member of the Memphis group with Ettore Sottsass. By professional choice, he primarily operates in design, the design of commercial and museum architecture, and areas and structures dedicated to public transportation.

Massimo Iosa Ghini has also put his signature on design projects for retail chains implemented worldwide. Among the most important developments, projects carried out for international groups such as Ferrari, Capital Group, IBM Italy, CMC Group Miami, Seat Pagine Gialle, and Alitalia are particularly notable.



Teresa Sapey + Partner

Research and design are the distinguishing features of Teresa Sapey's projects. Within her studio, together with an international multidisciplinary team, she designs spaces with emotions. Supported by an internal staff of urban planners, designers, engineers, architects, interior designers, and product designers, she provides customized projects in her architecture studio, interpreting the client's vision to fully meet their needs.

Like a tailor, the Sapey team pays extreme attention to detail and combines colors, textures, and materials to design new garments, urban, and architectural garments, permeated with vitality and functionality.


Gian Paolo Venier

Studio Gian Paolo Venier

Gian Paolo Venier, an international interior designer, product manager, and art director, blends cosmopolitan elegance with meticulous attention to materials and textures. Each of his furniture creations is made-to-measure, based on sophisticated color palettes.

As an interior designer and product designer, Gian Paolo Venier collaborates with various companies, from Studio OTTO by Paola Navone to the Italian luxury brand Ivory Collections. He is also the art director of Airnova, a manufacturer of leather and metal furniture, Mary & by MIA Collections, a Greek furniture brand, and Abitex, an Italian fabric producer. Venier collaborates with renowned artisanal workshops such as Siman, Urbi et Orbi, and Meltemi. 


Pier Maria Giordani

ReCS Architects

Since 2008, he has held a Ph.D. in Architectural Composition from the Polytechnic University of Milan. He obtained his degree from the Faculty of Architecture at the Polytechnic University of Milan under the guidance of Prof. Antonio Monestiroli.


The architectural studio of Pier Maria Giordani, with its main office in Parma, has been collaborating on numerous international projects for years, also through related activities such as the group of professionals ReCSArchitects.


Alberto Apostoli

Studio Apostoli

"Architecture and design are nothing without inspiration."

Mine is to generate well-being through projects that make people feel good physically, mentally, and spiritually."

"The 'Studio Apostoli' is an atelier of Architecture, Interior Design, Engineering, and Product Design that sees its 'Mission' as the implementation of the concept of Wellness to all the designed works.

Over the course of more than twenty years, Studio Apostoli has accomplished hundreds of projects in nearly all continents, achieving numerous international recognitions, awards, and hundreds of publications.


Marcello Ceccaroli

Ceccaroli Architettura

Ceccaroli Architettura was founded in Rome in 1999, stemming from Marcello Ceccaroli's passion for architecture.

Years of study, practice, and training take on a new sense of discovery when they encounter the hospitality contract, leading to a decision to focus on shaping places dedicated to hospitality. This gave birth to a specialized team in the design of tourist accommodation structures, which has successfully completed 90 high-profile hotels and restaurants.

"Every year, in the summer, I enjoy traveling the world with my family.
I do it to stay updated, to discover the latest trends in the industry, and to satisfy my curiosity.
It's part of my job, and I can't deny that it's also a part of who I am."


Andrea Rocchi

Elan Contract

As an interior designer for every sector of architecture, after designing "Arlecchino", the first Italian restaurant in Moscow, Andrea Rocchi has dedicated his career to Design projects related to the world of Food and Ho.Re.Ca.

The solutions offered seamlessly combine design and functionality, as his extensive experience in the industry makes his projects a perfect synthesis of aesthetics and layout, image and pathways, style and efficiency. The meticulous attention to detail and the integration of product display as a sales tool result in a harmonious blend of form and function.

Visionary and pragmatic.


Umberto Calloni

H.c.c. Studio Architettura

In 2005, Architect Calloni decided to open his own design studio, and at the same time, Sikura gestioni, a company that handles technical, administrative, commercial, and fiscal management services for real estate properties.

The decision to open these two entities was made after an experience as a Project Leader and Technical Manager at Norman Project, a branch of Norman Group.
What drives Hcc Studio is the passion and enthusiasm for design and architecture. The studio works on projects of various scales, including urban planning and development, renovations and hotel designs, apartment refurbishments, furniture and lighting design, aiming to meet every kind of request.

In this perspective, the studio has designed large urban spaces such as squares, public utility buildings like banks and medical offices, apartments, hotels, bars and restaurants, museum installations, recreational boats, and even furniture design, lighting design, upholstery design, and wallpaper design.


Giuseppe Varsavia


De.Tales is an international architecture and design studio founded by Igor Rebosio and Giuseppe Varsavia, with headquarters in Milan. 

With over twenty years of experience in the field of architecture and interior design, the studio has been able to combine a solid know-how, a reliable team, and an integrated approach in coordinating and managing complex projects of global scale.

De.Tales approaches each project by crafting a tailor-made Design Tale for the client, based on the belief that there is always a story to tell behind the concept and that every detail matters. This unique and original narrative is emblematic of the studio's work, starting from the brief and expectations and solidifying into harmonious projects with a distinct sense of exclusivity.


Antonio Iraci

Iraci Architetti

Studio Bizzarro & Partners specializes in private residential construction, commercial, industrial, and public works, as well as hospitality structures and industrial design, managing the entire creation process from conception to construction site. Throughout their extensive professional activity, they create architecture on both small and large scales, directing all compositional choices towards a strong figurative deviation of the project from the existing context.

At the beginning of each creative process, the guidelines for the planimetric composition are generally deduced, and from a series of setbacks from the road lines and vertical voids, the architectural form emerges. In addition to the essentiality of these two compositional gestures, the use of contemporary design elements such as folding, interlocking, volumes, projections, light and shadow, masses, and transparencies is employed. The use of different external skins helps to highlight the projects as the result of grafting monolithic blocks. It is a geometric world where curves are at most a requirement generated by the site, surfaces are as transparent as possible, and spaces are reduced to interlocking lines. The interior and exterior are part of the same continuum, extending the spaces to the outdoors. 


Mattia Santucci

Officina Archimuro

Officina Archimuro was founded in Rimini in 2007, born from the passion of architect Mattia Santucci for
the combination of art and architecture.
La passione per la pittura e la scultura é stato il propulsore principale per un architettura volta a
raccontare delle storie , emozionare e sorprendere .

“Tutto ciò che passa dalla testa alle mani “ il motto che da sempre ho voluto che arrivasse ai miei
clienti , la passione per i lavori manuali , il contatto con le materie prime ancora da plasmare hanno
reso il processo progettuale unico , invertendone i canoni tradizionali .
Progettare per me é come dipingere un quadro fatto di piccole pennellate che danno vita un po’
alla volta alla visione finale celata all’interno della mia testa , un processo ribaltato che parte da
una realtà virtuale che viene rimodellata in continuazione fino al raggiungimento della sua forma
finale .
Amo trattare l’architettura come tratto i miei quadri , amo vedere i clienti emozionarsi nel vedere il
risultato finale legato alla storia che gli ho narrato ….




Architect and founder of Stoppani10 Studio, he graduated in Architecture with a technological specialization from the Politecnico di Milano in 1998.
In 2001, he founded Stoppani10 Studio in the heart of Milan, together with a well-established team of collaborators.
The scope of activities of the studio ranges from urban planning projects to new constructions, renovations and interior design, restoration, and landscape design.
The vision of architecture arises from curiosity and interest in various fields
The vision of architecture stems from curiosity and interest in various fields, and it manifests in a continuous search for updates on new trends and design requirements, as well as in anticipating future expectations in the field of design. The studio's attitude and multidisciplinary skills enable a comprehensive understanding of the construction process in its many facets, adapting to the specificities of each individual project.
Particular attention is given to identifying the needs and requirements of each project, while striving for a balance between the physical and social context in which the intervention takes place.
Preliminary investigation of each project considers the client's expectations and is guided by essential criteria of technical and environmental sustainability.


Nicola Di Troia

Studio WIP architetti 

Nicola Di Troia is the Founding Partner of WiP and is responsible for the company's development strategies.

WiP Architetti is an internationally oriented integrated design studio that is a leader in Italy, specializing in six areas of the built environment: Commercial & Retail, Hospitality, Housing, Marina & Waterfront, Offices & Space Planning, Sport & Entertainment.

L’anima dello studio è costituita da architettura, ingegneria e consulenza tecnica e l’hanno portato oggi a strutturarsi come gruppo, dando vita a: WiP Architecture, WiP Technical e WiP Engineering. Dal 2000 WiP combina eccellenza tecnica e design in un approccio orientato al business ed è fra i pochi studi italiani ad offrire tutti i servizi offerti. Lo studio affianca i propri Clienti durante l’intero ciclo di vita dei progetti, dal primo schizzo fino ai tour virtuali tra le mura degli edifici progettati. Il gruppo conta oggi più di 70 professionisti e consulenti,e collabora con le più importanti società italiane e internazionali Pubbliche e Private e opera in oltre 15 paesi in tutto il mondo. Guidato da 4 Partner Federico Barbero, Nicola Di Troia, Marco Splendore e Giuseppe Garbetta WiP conta oggi su un fatturato di circa 4 milioni di euro e circa 4000 commesse gestite.

WiP porta nel nome l’idea di un lavoro creativo in continua evoluzione. Grazie al costante aggiornamento rispetto al panorama tecnico-normativo, alla sensibilità maturata su tematiche energetiche e BIM, all’attenzione verso un mercato ultra competitivo in rapida evoluzione il gruppo è cresciuto negli anni fino a diventare la realtà multidisciplinare che è oggi.


Massimo Salamone

Studio AMS

Massimo Salamone, as the President of Milano Durini Design, has made a significant contribution to the development of the Durini District, which has evolved from being just a street into a full-fledged design district.

In 1968, at number 16 via Durini, architect Mario Bellini inaugurated the Cassina showroom, which later became an icon of Italian design. Almost half a century later, today, the street, with over 10,000 square meters of commercial space and 48,000 visitors during the Salone del Mobile, is aiming to rival the global fame of via Monte Napoleone. Seven major brands have joined forces in Milano Durini Design, an association that aims to become synonymous with excellence in the field of design, just as the Quadrilatero della Moda represents for fashion. "There is no other place like via Durini," explains Massimo Salamone, architect from Ams studio, "with so many historic presences that have contributed to shaping the history of Italian design worldwide": Cassina, B&B Italia, Interni, Luxury Living, Meritalia, Porro, and Technogym.

The AMS studio, founded by the architect, is involved in: architectural design  civil and infrastructure works, and residential design, among other areas.


Paolo Facchini


Paolo, Partner and President of Lombardini22 Group since 2007, is accompanied by his partner Adolfo Suarez. He developed a strong interest in the retail sector and shopping mall theme, quickly leading L22, the Group's brand dedicated to this design field, to a leading market position. Thanks to his professional rigor, Paolo became the Safety Coordinator for several construction projects, including the English Pavilion at Expo 2015, HQ Angelini, the renovation of Sarca Shopping Center, Brera21 building, Segreen Business Center, Freccia Rossa Shopping Center, and the expansion of Luigi Bocconi University. He is also responsible for implementing health and safety management systems for various organizations and companies. Within Lombardini22 Group, Paolo represents the institutional voice, and his connections and networks bring valuable opportunities to the Group. Despite his busy schedule, he still cultivates his great passion: Paolo is a lover of good food and enjoys cooking for his friends.


Ermanno Caroppi

Studio Caroppi

Ermanno Caroppi, architetto e interior designer, con oltre 18 anni di esperienza nel mondo del design dell’ospitalità. L’eclettismo è la firma inconfondibile con la quale crea nuovi concept per brand internazionali, resort e hotel di lusso. Oggi affiancato da un collettivo di creativi, un gruppo poliedrico che mette insieme design, architettura, comunicazione e sensibilità artistica. La vision è quella di affrontare i nuovi progetti, non solo attingendo dal know how degli anni di esperienza ma mettendo in campo creatività, molteplici competenze tecniche e le sinergie di un collettivo.